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Earth Water was born in 2005 in a small university apartment in Edmonton, Canada.  At the time, Kori Chilibeck and one other individual were working second jobs to support themselves, and volunteering their time to Earth Water a few days a week.  Earth Water began with one store but quickly spread throughout Edmonton, with numerous cafes, restaurants, and retail stores signing on to the Earth Water mission, and enthusiastically offering their customers a product with true social value.  We’ve always wanted to offer products that generally cost and taste the same as our competitors.  The difference is, at the end of the day, we give back to those who need it most.

With this mission at the forefront, Earth Water garnered media attention throughout Edmonton, and soon Western Canada.  Before long, we were a young, vibrant team of four who were thrilled to see our sales growing exponentially all the way to the West Coast.  After partnering with several music and sporting festivals, our message was reaching thousands, and support was growing by the day.  Earth Water soon became available in Eastern Canada, and we enjoyed great success with the likes of Loblaws, Safeway, Save-on, Metro, and other national retail outlets.

In 2008 we carried this momentum into the United States and launched nationwide with Whole Foods Market.  Though Whole Foods was a great partner and it was honor to see our product on their shelves, ultimately as a small company, they didn’t prove to be the right fit for us, as visiting hundreds of stores on a monthly basis (sleeping in rental vehicles and surviving on meals from Ikea) quickly took a toll on our small staff.  We instead began focusing on food service accounts, and found our niche in the cafe, hotel, hospital, college and restaurant world.

Meanwhile, Earth Water ventured into the European market thanks to a chance occurrence in Banff, Alberta.  A former Heineken executive was serendipitously enjoying a bottle of Earth Water at a local cafe on the same day that Kori was featured on Canada’s biggest nationwide newspaper.  After contacting us and throughout the course of many meetings in both Canada and Europe, Earth Water Europe was launched in Holland in 2007.  The team in Europe has enjoyed tremendous growth, and is now distributing in eight Western European countries.

Today, we have continued to focus our efforts with the food service market, as we find that our messaging is almost immediately communicated with the right partners, and brand loyalty is quickly established.  As such, we began looking for new products that would fit seamlessly into our current beverage category.

Earth Coffee was launched in 2010, and to our delight our current and past partners were thrilled to see that we were still forging ahead despite the economic downturn, and competitive bottled water industry.  Staying true to our humanitarian spirit, we chose a world renowned fairly traded and certified organic product.  Earth Coffee soon began featuring alongside Earth Water, and at this point we decided to embark on another product that was in high demand, and that would resonate with our supporters.  In 2011, Earth Tea became available, and to our knowledge is the only Canadian grown tea on the market.

We are proud to now be able to offer both coffee and tea on our online store.

First Earth Water booth, Whyte Ave Edmonton