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Frankie Kim from Noralta Lodge and Working With Earth Group

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To give you an idea of why our customers use our products, we thought it would be interesting to interview a few of the people we already do business with. You’ve already read about Ken Jurina of Top Draw, and Lorne Merrick from Fat Franks. Recently, we sat down and spoke with Frankie Kim of Noralta Lodge.

Noralta Lodge

Noralta Lodge is a high-end camp company that serves the oil and gas industry. We currently have nine lodges. Two are in north central Alberta and seven are in the Wood Buffalo region of Fort McMurray. Frankie is the CFO for the company which means he is responsible for the financial and risk management and administrative operations of Noralta Lodge. They’re a family-owned business and have been in operation since 1997.

Networking Does Work

People wonder how new partnerships are made so we talked to Frankie about how he meet Matt and Kori. Frankie said “I met Matt through a mutual friend at a business breakfast function. Matt approached us about a partnership. We did some research into Earth Group and what they do. We could tell they’re a bunch of real genuine guys that believe in what they do.” See, those breakfasts and lunches are a great place to meet new people!

A Working Relationship is Born

When we asked Frankie “what was the draw to Earth Group?” he responded with this: “We don’t have bottled water at our lodges but we do provide it on company-arranged flights to and from the lodges. Earth Group fit nicely into a niche for our company. We previously bought our water from a major supplier but we felt the extra spend was worth it because of the cause. We are happy to be a part of that and it has been a good partnership.”

Frankie feels like the full impact of their partnership with Earth Group, while still fairly new has already been good for the company. “We did just do a write up about the partnership with Earth Group for our company newsletter and we have Earth Group flyers in the seat backs of the plane. It’s good for the company culture. It’s something team members see and can be really be proud about.” And he sees it continuing on that way.

To other businesses that are considering starting a partnership and carrying Earth Group products Frankie had this to say. “This was a no-brainer for our organization; it’s such a great cause. The expenditure is being made anyway so why not send it to a good place? This has had a good impact on our team members, which is what we call our employees. Everyone at Earth Group has been great. It is a really good cause and something to be proud of.”

If you want to learn more about Noralta Lodge you can check them out on Facebook or head over to their website at

The contributions Earth Group has made to the global need for food is significant. By working with the WFP they are maximizing how the contributions made are being used. Earth Group is dedicated to being a significant part of the solution to the global hunger crises. By contributing 100% of their net profit to the WFP, Earth Group is making its presence felt, and by working with them, Frankie Kim and Noralta Lodge is a large part of that contribution.

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