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Since Earth Water’s inception, it was always our hope to apply a similar business model to numerous different consumer products.  Please join us in welcoming coffee to the family of Earth products!

Founded in 2010, Earth Coffee is an exciting new project which had been in the making for well over a year.  Earth Coffee commits 100% of its net profits to the World Food Programme to fight hunger worldwide through its school meals programmes.  Every pound of Earth Earth Coffee you buy, provides a child with meals for a week in school.

We have partnered with an internationally acclaimed roaster in Vancouver, British Columbia, and have had tremendous success and response as we venture into the coffee world.  Sourced from multiple certified organic and fairly traded farms worldwide (Indonesia, Ethiopia, Guatemala), Earth Coffee is roasted in Vancouver and packaged in 1/2lb, 1lb, and 5lb bags, in either ground or whole bean format.

About the Coffee:

Our dark roast is a layered blend of South and Central American coffees with a sprinkling of Indonesian beans for colour. Lots of smoky, resonating depth, with a detailed and distinctive character that gives lift and dimension to this classic dark roast cup.

Our medium roast makes a medium roast something other than a definite maybe. The middle is not a compromise, it is the best of both worlds. Approachable acidity, ample body and flavour that makes you welcome a top up. Just right Goldilocks.

Our espresso bean provides a little dolce vita every day. A reason to connect and reflect over a double barrel buckshot of flavour-all from a singular ounce of hand crafted liquid. It’s bigger than you think.