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Earth Water is the first product ever to be sold under the Earth banner. Founded in 2005, Earth Water was originally run from a university apartment, and delivered via various volunteers vehicles. Today, Earth Water works with multi national distributors to bring our product to grocery and food service markets across North America and Western Europe.

Earth Water is sourced from springs and glacial sources globally. All sources are remotely located and detached from any development or sources of potential contaminants. We work with numerous bottling facilities worldwide, for two reasons. By bottling local to our markets, we’re able to maintain low shipping costs, which allows us to invest more into our business, and ultimately give back more to the World Food Programme. The second reason for this strategy is that it means we’re not shipping water all across the world from one central location. In doing so, we’re able to minimize our carbon footprint.

Currently Earth Water is bottled in 100% recycled PET, corn based biodegradable bottles, glass, and paper based Tetra Pak containers. We’re constantly endeavouring to find more environmentally friendly ways to bottle our product, in order to lessen our impact on the planet.

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